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We integrate your offline marketing strategy with web and interactive marketing.

Whether you're using direct mail, television, radio, outdoor or print, we can show you the most effective ways to integrate web and email into the mix to stretch your marketing dollars.

Fluid, fast and powerful.
Interactive means getting up close and personal with your audience - 'pulling' them closer to your brand. In conjunction with your other marketing efforts, it's a one-two punch that builds your brand and measurably drives sales and profits.

With all media performing at once, we harmonize the web to:

  • Develop a roadmap for integrating into your marketing plan
  • Migrate online opportunities to offline sales, and vice versa
  • Enhance your brand presence online and integrate focus group & test strategies
  • Improve customer and channel management and intelligence (define and correlate customer profiles)
  • Estimate, support, track and quantify sales and impact; accurately assess "Cost Per Acquisition" (CPA) and then reduce it
  • Work with your partners to measure and report on integrated media performance
  • Ensure regulatory governance, permission policies and privacy for best practices.
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