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Don't be afraid to ask.

How did this email subject line fare with males versus females? And why? For that matter, why did "Save $10" make such a huge impression - when "Get 10% off the (same) $100 gift" absolutely tanked? What works and doesn't work online? How can we better understand this new breed of customer?

In a word, analytics. It's the true gift of online marketing. It means we base our opinions on meaningful analysis and can measure the constantly shifting behaviour of online customers at all times.

The Octane reporting engines relay the results to you in real-time but equally as important, in relevant and useable formats that are easy to understand. So forget about wading through piles of technical reports about server hits, ISPs, and browser preferences. Octane's analytics services are customized to link with your business objectives - the key indicators that measure your progress.

We deliver:

  • Media expense and ROI tracking
  • Sales and revenue tracking
  • Exposure measurement
  • Content consumption analytics (How much content got read?)
  • Channel activity
  • Promotion tracking
  • Project-specific measurements

Another part of demystifying analytics and to provide top-tier reporting is achieved through integrating our software platform within the Google Analytics framework. This provides additional and sophisticated analytics, reporting scalability and Adworks integration.

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