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The message is loud and clear: Referral business is a powerful viral advertising tool.

Did you know that on average, over 33% of contest entrants are referred by friends via email. In fact, we have run contests where over 80% of entrants are referred by friends!

Octane's Refer A Friend, eCards and Forward to a Friend software engines increase site visits and stimulate sales.

Our Refer A Friend (RAF) engines' reporting includes:

  • Number of friends referred
  • Number of friends who forwarded the campaign on
  • The contact information of your prospective customer (their first name, last name and email address)
  • Reports on your most active contacts who forward information on your behalf
  • Reports on prospective customers resulting from seeing your message
  • The viral effect (the number of times your ecard was forwarded by the first recipient; followed by the number of times forwarded by 2nd recipients; followed by number of times forwards by 3rd, etc.)

Want a demonstration to see how this can fuel your marketing and sales efforts? Contact us to book your demo today.

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