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Free yourself to focus on the big picture. Assign access to company resources to improve workflow and free resources.

Octane's file and document management software engine speeds productivity, drawing from a secure online library. Authorized users can upload, download and categorize file and documents, accessing all documentation they need to do their jobs more efficiently.

All files can be shared and secured from sales templates (proposals, contacts, legal, etc.), human resource (insurance, benefits, memos, etc.) to general corporate newsletters, project-related documents, drawings and client files.

It's easy to organize, store, and retrieve files, too. The software engine features include search functionality that displays files and documents by title, date, description, keyword, author and group category.

Fuel your communication efforts. Use Octane to store:

  • Internal corporate literature
    (across department i.e. human resource, sales, operations, etc.)
  • External literature
    (i.e. brochures, sales and information request forms, etc.)
  • IT related support information
    (i.e. whitepapers, databases, help files, 3rd party software, etc.)
  • Readily used customer documents
    (i.e. Excel, Word, PowerPoint, PDF, etc.)
  • Rich media
    (i.e. streaming video and sound, Flash, etc.)
  • Product Photography and Marketing Images
    (i.e. by category, keyword, grouping, preview displays, file size property management, etc.)

Want a demonstration to see how easy it can be? Contact us to book yours today.

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